Deck 10

Deck 10 is where most of the Thagard's scientific field research is undertaken. The front of the deck is given over to the top half of the main navigational deflector and its sensor lattice. Directly behind the deflector is housed the main deflector controls, maintained and monitored from Deck 11's deflector control room. Moving aft, we find a T-shaped corridor with turboshafts at either fore end. There are five large research centers off of this corridor dedicated to Chemistry, Archaeology, Botanics, Astrophysics, and one generic lab that can be configured for any given discipline. The corridor ends at the entrance to the ship's Botanical Garden, a place both for the crew to find a quiet moment, and for the ship's botanists to explore any number of exotic plants. At the rear of the garden are two entrances to the ship's auditorium where the crew can enjoy selections from the ship's film and holographic library, or play host to visiting experts in various fields. Finally, the rear sensor dish is located aft.

1. Enhanced sensor lattice

2. Main navigational deflector

3. Deflector controls

4. Turbolift

5. Chemistry lab

6. Astrophysics lab

7. Archaeology lab

8. Botany lab

9. Generic lab

10. Botanical garden

11. Auditorium

12. Aft sensor dish