Deck 11

Deck 11 is the lowest full deck on the USS Thagard. It houses the lower half of the main deflector, surrounded by a sensor enhancement grid, making the main deflector one of the most powerful data-gathering devices in the fleet. Aft of the main deflector is the deflector control room, accessible by a corridor which has a turboshaft on either end. Also off of this corridor is the ship's cargo transporter and lower cargo bay. The cargo bay is accessible from the exterior of the ship by a bay door with atmospheric sheilding. Finally, Deck 11 contains the aft sensors and access to Deck 12's aft deflector grid.

1. Enhanced sensor lattice

2. Main navigational deflector

3. Deflector control room

4. Turbolift

5. Cargo transporter

6. Cargo trasporter pad

7. Personnel transporter pad

8. Lower cargo bay

9. Cargo

10. Cargo bay door

11. Aft sensors