Deck 3

Deck 3 is primarily devoted to hanger space for the Thagard's support craft. There is housing for four shuttlecraft and seven of the Marines' "killer bee" attack craft. This deck also contains the sickbay and the two biologically-related research labs: Cryptozoology and Xenobiology. The primary hull's computer cores, transporter room and briefing room are located here, as are quarters for four of the senior officers: The Captain, Chief of Ops, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Engineer.

1. Shutlecraft (4)

2. Shuttlecraft hanger

3. Killer bee hanger

4. Cryptozoology lab

5. Computer core

6. Stellar cartography

7. Long-term experiments

8. Transporter room

9. Briefing room

10. Operations Chief's quarters

11. Captain's quarters

12. Turboshaft

13. Xenobiology lab

14. Sickbay and surgery

15. Chief medical officer's quarters

16. Chief engineer's quarters