Deck 4

Deck 4 is a fairly crowded deck containing much of what the USS Thagard needs in order to function. Among other things can be found Main Engineering and Impulse Engineering. You will also find the lounge, Marine training facility containing a holographic firing range and flight simulators, and a cargo bay for the ship's upper section. The fore section of this deck houses security, the brig and Auxiliary Control.

Note on the warp core:

Obviously, this configuration makes it impossible to eject the entire engineering section without also losing the impulse engines as well, which seems wasteful to me. Besides, without warp drive, we'd need some way to reach a nearby system until repairs could be made or help could arrive. So, the core needs to be ejectable. Unfortunately, because of this annoying shape, the core must run horizontally.

Since this is the lowest full deck of the primary hull, the core is ejectable through the bottom of engineering. A long, rectangular hatch opens beneath the core, and the ejction mechanism shoots the core down and back behind the ship.

1. Auxiliary control

2. Brig

3. Security office & armory

4. Turbolift

5. Warp core & ejection hatch

6. Marine training

7. Main engineering

8. Rec room/lounge

9. Exercise room

10. Engineer's office

11. Bussard collector

12. Turbolift from bridge

13. Plasma injectors

14. Shops

15. Ship's stores

16. Energizers

17. Cargo transporter

18. Life support control

19. Impulse engineering
(contains ship's still)