Deck 9

Deck 9 contains a variety of systems starting with the probe launcher and probe magazines. The probes are monitored and prepped in the probe control room. Moving aft, we find the docking ports (port and starboard) and the docking port staging area, containing spacesuit lockers and EVA equipment. Directly aft of the staging area are three more lab spaces, smaller than the specialty labs on Deck 10. Corridors run along either side of the labs with access to escape pods facing the outer hull. The two corridors meet in one, off of which is housing for up to six visiting researchers. Directly aft is the ship's small formal dining/reception hall, surrounded by a corridor which has access to the balcony of the ship's auditorium. Finally, the upper half of the rear sensor dish completes the deck.

1. Probe launcher

2. Probes

3. Probe control room

4. Turbolift

5. Docking port

6. Docking port staging area

7. Escape pods

8. Generic lab

9. Generic lab

10. Generic lab

11. Visitor's quarters

12. Formal dining/reception room

13. Auditorium balcony

14. Aft sensor dish