The USS Thagard is a Gagarin-Class research vessel. It is about 120 meters long with eleven full decks, plus a twelfth partial one. It carries a complement of 30 officers and crew, plus space for up to five visiting researchers. The ship's hangers can hold up to four standard shuttlecraft and seven "killer-bee" attack craft.

The Thagard's primary mission is in-depth follow-up research on discoveries made by the larger, more heavily armed exploratory cruisers. The ship has a long, proud history and continues to serve the fleet in this vital role.

We would like to thank Bernd Schneider and Chris Spinner of Ex Astris Scientia for their excellent research into the Oberth Class ships, and Eric Peterson for making his 3D model of the USS Grissom available for public use. This site would not have been possible without them!