The Commanding Officer of the ship (usually the Captain, although occasionally a Fleet Captain or higher) is responsible for the overall smooth running of the ship. The Captain is elected by the general membership to one year terms, during which time he or she runs the monthly meetings and appoints crewmembers to the rest of the Commend Level positions.
Ty Campbell III


The Executive Officer's responsibilities are similar to those of any vice-president of any organization: to assist the Captain in his or her duties and be ready to assume Command in the event that the Captain can no longer serve. This position is usually filled by someone with whom the Captain feels a certain rapport.
David Reed


Arguably the most important position on the ship, the Master-At-Arms was originally responsible for making certain that monthly meetings followed proper rules of order. This section has evolved, however, to so much more. The Master-At-Arms has become the one responsible for resolving any conflict that may arise between members, and, in this capacity, has been able to defuse many potentially painful arguements. All he or she needs is for people to actually make use of the office...
Steve Mauch


Communications is responsible for the creation, printing and distribution in a timely manner of the Thagard's award-winning newsletter, the Shunt Squirt. The Communications staff works hard every month to put the Shunt Squirt out and looks forward to receiving your submissions, as well as suggestions for making to newsletter even better. Communications is also responsible for handling our public relations efforts. Thanks to our Public Relations Officer, Thagard meetings have been listed in local newspaper calendars and we have even been featured in full-length articles with pictures.
Chris Allan


The primary responsibility of the Engineering Section is to oversee the Thagard's cyberspace presence, including the listserv, website and intranet site. Engineering is also responsible for projects associated with establishing the fictional universe of the Thagard, such as creation of deck plans for the ship.
Position Open


Medical's primary responsibility is scheduling the ship's calendar of events. In addition, Medical collects important medical information on each member in the event of emergency, maintains a fully stocked medical kit that is brought to all events and otherwise works to promote physical and mental health amongst the Thagard's crew.
Stephanie Campbell


Operations handles all of the administrative duties that keep the ship running. Those duties include maintaining the personnel records for each member of the organization, including current mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers to ensure that newsletters and other communications reach members in a timely fashion. Ops also keeps track of membership type and expiration date so that every member receives the appropriate membership materials and prompt notice of when their membership is due to expire. Maintenance of this information also assists Ops in its duties of overseeing preparation and distribution of ballots to eligible voters at the annual election for Commanding Officer and at other times as needed.

Along with the real world information of its members, Ops also maintains Thagard-related information such as current rank and points totals in order to recommend crewmembers for promotion when appropriate. Ops also oversees preparation of award and promotion certificates.

Ops also handles the creation and distribution of membership packets for new and renewing members. Some of the items included in each membership packet are a copy of the latest version of the Handbook or any interim updates, a membership certificate, a membership card and, for new members only, a pen and pencil set. Of course, Ops is also responsible for producing or acquiring these items.
Susanna M. Reilly


Security's primary responsibility is assisting the Commanding Officer and Master at Arms in maintaining order at meetings and events. Security also acts as liaison with convention security to assist those who want to work security at conventions.
Vaughn MacDaonald


Sciences' main focus is coordinating the ship's charity projects, including fund raising for the ship's primary charity -- Project H.O.M.E., a homeless shelter in Philadelphia. Past fundraising projects have included bowling marathons and yard sales. Members also take part in walk-a-thons for MS and AIDS, as well as collecting coupons for Starfleet's Caring Coupons campaign for the U.S. servicemen and women abroad.
Beth Mauch


"The HellRazors" are the mighty 701st Marine Strike Group, Infantry Division, of the STARFLEET Marine Corps; assigned to the USS Thagard - NCC-652 / 7th Fleet. "WhoooAhh! Slash and Burrrrrn!"

Fictionally, under the sub-command of Officer in Charge, Major Stephanie (Slash) Campbell, our mission is a simple one: Keep "Da Brains" alive. "Da Brains", our affectionate name for the dozens of scientists and researchers aboard the Thagard, who again and again have their heads down, deep in thought analyzing one bug-eyed monster after another, while their mommas creep upon them with their poisonous fangs outstretched. We keep "Da Brains" alive.

In reality, we simply strive to BE the living embodiment of The Thagard's Motto: Fun, Friendship and Science Fiction. "WhoooAhh!"
Stephanie Campbell